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Austin Tie Dye Co. offers unique, individually hand-dyed goods for all walks of a fun life – from baby’s first tie-dyed body suits to tie-dyed t-shirts for the whole family.

Becca, the owner, realized that she needed a way to keep track of her new baby’s burp cloths. It seemed that any time she needed a burp cloth, she could never quickly find one in the clutter of a new baby. The answer came to her one day, like a lightning bolt from above – make the burp cloths bright, colorful, and weird. So, naturally, she took to tie-dyeing them. From that moment on, she never lost another burp cloth. She wanted to share this to the rest of the moms and families out there – thus, Austin Tie Dye Co. was born.

Now, we offer more than just burp cloths – we provide an original piece of Austin, weird enough to wear while riding your unicycle down South Congress and natural enough for a hike down the Green Belt. Whether you hail from Anchorage, AK, or Athens, GA, you can wear a little bit of Austin, TX. Austin Tie Dye Co. strives to keep the entire family tie-dyed and Austin-ready.

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