Kokadi Woven Wrap | 99 Stars

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kokadi Tragetuch - 99 Stars

Material: 100% Biobaumwolle
Farben: schwarz / weiš
Gewicht: ca. 195 g/qm
Webung: soft jacquard

Our kokadi 99 STARS wrap is standing for easiness in any situation

The sling is made with a new weave that we call soft jacquard. The idea behind this sling is a high quality and organic product for just 99 euros; including these features:

- it's the softest wrap, which we have ever woven - it's perfect for newborns.
- it's diagonal moveable through the weave - this supports the child's back perfectly, but is also inflexible horizontal. Thus ensuring stability for older children.
- the softness makes wearing feeling wonderful! The strands on the shoulders are so fluffy!

The design is sophisticated and functional at the same time:
The arrangement of the stars on the sling makes it easier, especially supporting learners to achieve the best binding result: the neck line (top stars line) and the bottom line (lower stars line) are either black or white. Previously strips where necessary, which are now replaced by cool and magical stars!
While tightening you can see if you have tightened correctly: The regular arrangement of smaller stars is looking otherwise like a "wave".
The colors black and white suits with any style! We will weave the wrap again and again
the warp is low budget and should be affordable for anyone who has always wanted to own a high quality kokadi wrap. For this reason this wrap is only available in only one size (4.80 meters), to keep production costs as low as possible.