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CJ's BUTTer Plus (Yeast) | Jar, Tubes or Spritz

CJ's BUTTer Plus (Yeast) | Jar, Tubes or Spritz
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If youre dealing with a particularly difficult and hard-to-beat rash, try our CJs BUTTer Plus formulaUNSCENTED ONLY with added sesame and neem oils.


If youd prefer a no touch option, try our Spritz o CJs BUTTer Plus unscented  with sesame and neem oils. Treat difficult rashes the natural way, without having to touch them!  Contains large amounts of coconut oil as well as sesame and neem oils.

Our  CJs BUTTer Plus formulas are not artificially scented.  Neem oil has a distinctive smell, which is more easily detected in the Spritz o BUTTer than in the cream.  The consensus among our testers was that it is not too unpleasant and that effectiveness is most important.

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