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While not as iconic as the great white shark, the hammerhead is one of the most unique and specialized predators roaming Earth’s oceans. Similar to other types of shark, hammerhead attacks on humans are exceptionally rare. As of 2013, only 33 total attacks have been recorded, none of which resulted in fatalities. Likewise, only three of the nine species of hammerhead shark have been documented attacking humans, including the scalloped, smooth, and great hammerhead.


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Found in the waters off the coast of every continent except for Antarctica, hammerheads are a diverse group of sharks. They differ from other types of sharks not only because of their unique anatomy, but because they are very social and tend to school with one another during the day.


  • Scientific Name: Family Sphyrnidae
  • Characteristics: This model depicts the hammerhead shark's atypical “cephalofoil” head, which not only allows it to see above and below itself, but can also be used as a tool to pin prey against the ocean floor. Learn more astounding facts about this animal with our scientifically accurate figurine!
  • Size and Color: Standing 2 inches tall and 6.5 inches long, this model is as tall as a stick of lip balm stood upright and about as long as a dollar bill. Hammerhead sharks vary in color depending on their species, but are usually a shade of grayish-brown.
  • The Hammerhead Shark is part of the Wild Safari® Sea Life collection.
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