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It’s not exactly known how the Gnome Dragon came to combine features from two fantastical creatures. Some believe that it was originally a shapeshifting dragon who became stuck in a transitioning form while trying to mimic a gnome. If this is indeed the case, the Gnome Dragon has taken its predicament in stride. It is a kind, calm and gentle dragon who can often be found among the gnomes, particular its friend Gnorman.

  • The mysterious Gnome Dragon appears to share characteristics of both gnomes and dragons. Regardless of its origins, it’s a friendly creature who enjoys spending time with Gnorman the Gnome and his family.

    • Scientific Name: Draco gnomus
    • Characteristics: The Gnome Dragon features a beard of bushy white hair and a pointed horn that resembles a cap. Its stoic expression and kind eyes reflect its calm, gentle demeanor.
    • Size and Color: The Gnome Dragon is 4 ¼ inches tall and 3 ½ inches long to the tip of his tail, about the size of an 11 ounce ceramic mug. He’s mostly green, with a tan underbelly, red wings and horn, and white hair on his beard, eyebrows, mane and tail.
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