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Chinchillas are fluffy, thick-furred rodents found in the Andes Mountains of South America. Though they make popular pets, they are endangered in the wild. They live at very high elevations, up to 14,000 feet above sea level.

  • Scientific Name: Genus Chinchilla
  • Characteristics: This Chinchilla figure accurately represents the unique qualities of the animal, including its large ears, dense fur coat, fluffy tail and tiny paws.
  • Size and Color: The Chinchilla figure measures 5 ¼ inches long from its outstretched paw to its curved tail. It is hand-painted in various tones of gray, darker above and lighter below, with black eyes and pink accents on its ears, nose, mouth and paws.
  • The Chinchilla is part of the Incredible Creatures® collection
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free

Chinchillas are currently endangered in the wild, having been hunted to near extinction for their velvety fur, the density of which is second only to the Sea Otter. Though facing extinction in their wild habitats, Chinchillas are farm-raised, and make popular pets, though they can be difficult to care for. There are two species of Chinchilla, and though both are endangered, the long-tailed variety is more common than the short-tailed, which is nearly extinct.

  • Recommended Age: 3+
  • Size in cm: 15.5 L x 6 W x 7.5 H
  • Size in inches: 6.1 L x 2.36 W x 2.95 H
  • Scale: 1:2
  • UPC: 095866001971



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