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In areas like Hawaii and Florida, veiled chameleons are considered an invasive species. Researchers believe they were released accidentally or on purpose by previous owners. As a result, they have damaged the livelihood of many endemic species, either by out competing them or by praying upon them. In fact, veiled chameleons are believed to have single-handedly driven some species to become classified as near threatened.

  • Recommended Age: 18 months and up
  • Size in cm: 23.5 L x 11 H
  • Size in inches: 9.25 L x 4.33 H
  • Scale: 1:1

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              Native to Yemen and Saudi Arabia, the veiled chameleon can primarily be found in forests, valleys, and mountain plateaus. They are a popular species in the pet trade, and are one of the most commonly owned types of reptile.


            • Scientific Name: Chamaeleo calyptratus
            • Characteristics:> Like all Safari wildlife figurines, this model was hand painted and professionally sculpted for true-to-life detail. Make sure you have some tasty bugs on hand – they’re the veiled chameleons favorite food!
            • Size and Color: 9.25 inches long and 4.25 inches tall, this figurine is a touch shorter than a soda can and a touch longer than a legal sized piece of paper. Veiled chameleons are typically green mixed with orange, white, tan, and yellow tones.
            • The Veiled Chameleon is part of the Incredible Creatures® collection.
            • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free.














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