Schleich | Bayala ~ Flower Pegasus

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The shy and colorful flower pegasus by Schleich® bayala® lives together with the sweet flower unicorn foal in the beautiful meadows of bayala® and is a friend of the royal sisters. He likes to meet Princess Surah at the waterfalls.
The colorful flower pegasus by Schleich® bayala® is a magical animal. He is as shy and mysterious as all magical horses, living secluded in the beautiful flower fields and being a loving protector of the sweet flower unicorn foal. To win his trust is very difficult, but the royal sisters managed to win him over as a good and faithful friend. The princesses Surah and Sera love to meet him and admire his beautiful wings and great mane!


A certain flower makes the flower pegasus sneeze, which the unicorn foal thinks is rellay funny!

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