Yoto Card Packs ~ Ladybird Audio Adventures Volume 4

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Yoto says: Five fact-filled audio adventures that will transport listeners from Mount Everest, to dry deserts, to the World Cup win of 1966!

Be transported with these fact-filled, award-winning stories - written especially for audio. Join explorers Otto, Cassandra, and Missy (the smartest bird in the universe!) on five immersive audio adventures. Learn all about birds of prey, awesome sporting heroes, world-famous playwrights and authors and more!

Cards in this pack:

  • Ladybird Audio Adventures: Sporting Heroes
  • Ladybird Audio Adventures: Natural Wonders of the World
  • Ladybird Audio Adventures: Birds of Prey
  • Ladybird Audio Adventures: The Deserts
  • Ladybird Audio Adventures: Playwrights and Authors


    • Author: Ladybird
    • Read by: Ben Bailey Smith Sophie Aldred 
    • Running time: 5 hrs
    • Content type: Stories
    • Age Range: 5-8
    • Language: English