Abdallah Chocolate | Candy Jar Favorites ~ Old Fashion Lemon Drops

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A delicious lemon flavored old fashioned sugar-sanded hard candy.

10 oz bag

Our lemon drop candy is in a class of its own. These delicious lemon flavored, sugar-sanded hard candy are a perfect balance of sour and sweet. The sanded sugar cancels out some of the lemon’s sour flavors, leaving a perfect taste that’s even better than you remember from childhood. These hard candies have a long history, but no one does it quite like Abdallah. Even people who don’t really like lemon end up enjoying our lemon drops, and you’re sure to be the same way! If nothing else, our lemon drop candy will offer a change of pace from the sweetness of our other confections.

These candies are perfect for so many situations. Leave them out at a party, share with your friends, or snack away by yourself. There’s simply never a bad time to eat chocolate covered peanuts.

** In Summer they will probably melt. Just pop them in the refrigerator when they arrive.**