Abdallah Chocolate | Sorbet Retreats ~ Orange Sorbet Dark Chocolate

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Creamy orange sorbet center covered in smooth dark chocolate, all in a resealable bag.

 3 ounces


Dark chocolate and creamy orange sorbet makes for a gourmet combination that is difficult to put into words. The fruity flavor of orange sorbet mixes perfectly with our world famous chocolate.

Abdallah Candies has a long tradition of making gourmet chocolates with only the highest quality ingredients possible. Our family-owned company has spent four generations perfecting original recipes. With quality ingredients, natural flavors, and a love for the sweet things in life, we’ve created some of the best orange sorbet chocolates in the world. We may not have invented this recipe, but we’ve certainly perfected it.

** In Summer they will probably melt. Just pop them in the refrigerator when they arrive.**