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annanaturals | Pregnancy Tea

annanaturals | Pregnancy Tea
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Organic Red Raspberry Leaf Tea for Pregnancy              *26 Bags

Congratulations on your pregnancy! What a truly great time in your life. Whether you have been pregnant before or not, you know how important it is to keep your body healthy throughout your pregnancy. There are so many do's and don'ts, vitamins to take, nutrients to absorb, foods to avoid - it's a complex maze of including this and avoiding that. Luckily for us women, there is an "herb supreme" out there to help check a lot of boxes off our massive list.

Red raspberry leaf has a very high amount of some essential nutrients for a pregnant body such as calcium, iron, and B vitamins. Additionally, red raspberry pregnancy tea has a direct effect on a pregnant uterus, as red raspberry leaf contains an alkaloid called fragrine which strengthens the uterine wall while relaxing and smoothing muscle, helping to make delivery easier and faster by preparing the uterus for contractions.

Red raspberry pregnancy tea may also reduce labor pain during and after childbirth. By toning the uterine muscles, it can also reduce the recovery time after delivery, resulting in a speedy parturition and return to normal uterine function.

With many complications during pregnancy traced back to a woman's nutrition, and the desire of so many women to have a "natural" or drug-free delivery - the benefits of red raspberry leaf pregnancy tea are numerous.

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