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Arm's Reach Cocoon
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The Arm'’s Reach® beautiful dreamer™Cocoon will help your baby sleep better by continuing the feeling of the womb, cradling newborns closely and gently swaying in response to their movement. Gentle motion not only soothes but also improves digestion, so it's ideal for fussy babies. Because the back is adjustable, it's a great solution for little ones with colic or reflux. Naturally stimulates and entertains baby while awake. Facilitates naptime. 

Babies learn to control the hammock's sway with their own body movements, which entertains while encouraging physical activity. Built to last and easy to assemble. The Cocoon is 53" x 38" x 25.5" and may be moved easily around the house.


  • Reclined
  • Upright


  • Mattress pad
  • Fitted sheet
  • Soft hanging Toys

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