Automoblox | Mini 3 Pack - C9-R Sportscar S9-R Sport Sedan C9-S Berlinetta

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ightning fast, immensely fun, and so artfully crafted they deserve to be in a museum, the palm-sized Mini Automoblox S9-R/C9-R/C9-S - 3 Pack is sure to spark an endless interest that will keep you and your child wanting to race, mix, and create over and over again!

What's cooler than a Mini Automoblox car? Three of them! This set includes three stellar vehicles that rev imagination.

C9-R Sportscar with cherry red accents
With gliding rubber tires of deep, dark red, smooth black accessories, shiny tinted cab, and an aerodynamic body that slips frictionless through the air, the C9-R Sportscar is one sleek, greased-lightning machine with speeds completely uncontestable.

S9-R Sport Sedan with bold blue tires and rims
Street-legal, yet holding its own against some of the fastest of race cars, this is one cool speedster to avoid challenging at a stoplight. Bold blue tires glide like skis on wet ice. Spoilers and cab are a shining, glossy silver, and its smooth, wooden body brings stares of wonder at its amazing design!

C9-S Berlinetta with gold cab and tires
This Italian-modeled speed demon reaches unimaginable speeds with simple yet fascinatingly beautiful, torpedo-like design and classy orange tires, tinted cab, and spoiler. This swift-riding Italian machine is not to be taken lightly!

Completely detachable and interchangeable with other Mini Automoblox vehicles right down to separated body sections, the Mini Automoblox S9-R/C9-R/C9-S - 3 Pack is the perfect start your collection of limitless possibilities!

Mini Automoblox S9-R/C9-R/C9-S - 3 Pack
  • A 3 pack of sportscar-styled wooden toy cars that disassemble and interchange parts
  • Encourages creativity, logic, imaginative play, and interaction
  • Artfully designed toy cars; enjoyment for the whole family
  • Rubber tires spin smooth and fast
  • Cars fit in the palm of your hand
  • All parts fully interchangeable and compatible with other Mini Automoblox vehicles
  • Package comes with 1 C9-R Sportscar, 1 S9-R Sport Sedan, and 1 C9-S Berlinetta
  • Durable wood and plastic construction
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