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BabyLegs Collection | One Size
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in BabyLegs Legwarmers

$ 12.00

Why parents adore BabyLegs: 
  • Makes diaper changing and potty training easier  
  • Keeps legs warm in strollers and carriers  
  • Protects knees from hard surfaces and rug burn  
  • Provides lightweight sun protection in the summer months  
  • Keep in diaper bag for a quick change when messes arise  
  • Fashionable alternative to tights 
Why tweens, teens and adults adore BabyLegs: 
  • Arm warmers for bicyclists, runners, kayakers and hikers 
  • An extra layer for camping or skiing 
  • Layer under a t-shirt 
  • Fun and funky fashion accessory, adding personality to any outfits

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