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Babykicks Premium Washies Mitten

Babykicks Premium Washies Mitten
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BabyKicks Hemparoo® Premium Washies (Mittens) are made out of the same luxurious fleece used for our prefold diapers and doublers.he soft fleece is ideally suited for thorough cleanups. They are a must have for the bath tub, changing table, high chair and diaper bag! Keep a pile of these on your changing table along with a spray bottle containing diluted Dr. Bronners for a gentle, economical cleanup. Toss into the diaper pail and wash with the diapers.

Our Premium Washies are incredible practical wash mittens and once you try them you will see that it is a true all purpose product. You just cannot go wrong with this premium version of one of our all time classics the washies/wipes!

Dimensions: 6.5' x 9.5'

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