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Bambu | Bamboo Straws | 6 pack

Bambu | Bamboo Straws | 6 pack
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Grasping for a sustainable replacement to disposable straws? Check out our Bambu Reusable Bamboo Straw set, with a brush for cleaning included! They’re reusable drinking straws that can be used to drink juice, iced teas, smoothies, kombucha and more—whatever your favorite drink may be (and they’re great for kids’ drinks, too!).

Certified USDA-organic, these taste-free reusable straws are smooth to the touch with soft, rounded edges. Dye- and ink-free, Bambu’s bamboo reusable straws are uniform, durable and beautifully cut from nature. They’re made to return to nature, too—at the end of their long and useful lifetime, these bamboo straws are biodegradable.

With an estimated 1 billion disposable drinking straws trashed each year, using a reusable drinking straw is a simple, resourceful way to do your part to lessen this amount. Though they’re dishwasher safe, you can also clean your Bambu straws by hand with hot water, soap and Bambu’s included straw cleaner brush. With proper care, these durable drinking straws will help you reduce disposable straw waste day in and day out.

• Reusable bamboo drinking straw set
• Pipe cleaning brush included
• Certified USDA-organic bamboo
• Dishwasher-safe
• Dye- and ink-free

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