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Bapron Baby | Vibrant Floral Splash Child Apron ~ 3-7 years
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Made from the same unique ezClean fabric as our bestselling baprons, these lightweight child aprons are the perfect gift for a young baker or cook!  They are 100% waterproof, highly stain resistant, fit most children from ages 3-7 years old, and can be adjusted around the neck from 8" to 12" so they are functional as both a bib for messy meals or looser fitting apron for crafts and baking.

This beautiful children's baking apron is the perfect kid-friendly accessory and is lightweight, waterproof, stain resistant, and easy to use!  These aprons are designed specifically with little hands in mind and have an easy snap around the neck for high, medium, or low necklines (8-10-12 inch lengths).

These incredibly durable aprons are perfect for crafting, painting, cooking, or for spaghetti night, because they are designed like a "big kid" apron, but still have the coverage mom and dad want for their children. 

Our child aprons run 20" from the front of the neck to the base of the apron and tie around back with 16" durable ties.  They are machine washable, rinse clean in the sink, and best of all practically indestructible!  Common uses are:

- Gardening

- Baking

- Painting/Crafting

- Dinner

- Playing Pretend


Quickwash: Rinse under water with (or without) soap and squeeze to remove water. Allow bapron to dry completely between uses. (approx. 20-30 minutes)


Deepwash: We recommend that you send your baprons though a machine wash cycle at least once per week during periods of daily use to catch anything you might have missed at the sink. Please do not iron, as it may damage the waterproof fabric.