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Make feeding a breeze with the Boon NURSH baby bottle bundle. It features four silicone bottles with reusable pouches that collapse as your baby drinks to help reduce gas, reflux, colic, and burps. The included nipples optimize tongue position and ensure good latching. The set comes complete with a drying rack and bottle brush for cleaning.
  • Bottle bundle includes two 4-ounce bottles and nipples, two 8-ounce bottles and nipples, drying rack and Twig accessory, and a silicone bottle brush set
  • Bottles feature reusable pouches that collapse as baby drinks to minimize the ingestion of air
  • Nipples feature the proper length of optimal tongue position and feature a gradual transition from nipple to wideneck base
  • Grass drying rack holds bottles and cups upright to make drying quicker and easier
  • Twig accessory fits into drying rack to hold small parts that are easily lost
  • Trip silicone bottle brush set ensures easy clean up
  • All components are free from BPA and PVC
  • 1 x Grass drying rack
  • 1 x Twig drying accessory
  • 1 x Trip bottle brush set
  • 2 x 4oz Nursh Bottles
  • 2 x 8oz Nursh Bottles