Hygeia EnJoye Personal Accessory Set

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Fits EnJoye breast pump

Regulates pressures within safe limits

Widemouth 4 oz containers included

Fits large and small mouth bottles to collect breastmilk

No easily lost membranes, solid, one piece silicon valve

Order second set as a replacement kit, or backup set

All parts that contact breastmilk are BPA-free.
(2) Medium (25mm-27mm) Flanges,
(2) 40? Tubing,
(2) Mother’s Milk Storage Containers, 4 oz.,
(2) Duckbill Valves,
(2) Storage Container Caps/Feeder Cups,
(2) Rings,
(2) Narrow-neck Storage Containers Adapters,
(2) Ring Covers,
(1) Container Holder,
(1) Pump Filter, and Instructions for Use.