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bumGenius Cotton Babies One-Size Insert | 6 pack

bumGenius Cotton Babies One-Size Insert | 6 pack
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Cotton Babies microfiber inserts are available here!

When you buy the cotton babies one-size microfiber inserts you are buying cloth diaper doublers that made of the thickest microfiber terry available anywhere!

The unique snap down design of these inserts (aka doublers) really allow for a more customized fit. These doublers work with most pocket diapers. Doublers can help lead to no more leaks!

Fast Drying time for inserts!
Many choose to buy Cotton Babies one-size inserts because they dry quickly on the line or in a dryer. With the ease of having to choose a one-size doubler, you save money AND you save time since you do not have to wait for thick cotton or hemp inserts to dry.

Choose doublers for Absorbency:
These Cotton Babies microfiber inserts are  manufacturer rated at 15 oz. absorbency.  In this way no other microfiber insert compares.

Do you wonder about what to use as a doubler for a toddler or older baby?

Cotton Babies recommend using two inserts when diapering an older baby or toddler at night.

Washing Cotton Babies One-size Microfiber Inserts:
You only need a tiny bit of detergent to get these inserts clean.

Save money when you buy Cotton Babies One-size microfiber inserts:
Did you know that because you have to use less detergent to clean these inserts, it means less energy used. These inserts are easy to hand wash/line dry as well. The convenient one size design, and a lower price make these inserts the absolute best value available anywhere.

Note: Cotton Babies Products may not be shipped to Canada, Europe, Australia, or New Zealand.

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