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*This item is missing 2 Crystals and does NOT come with chain

Harmony Balls or Bolas have long been worn by pregnant women of Bali and Maya cultures. The pregnancy harmony ball is generally worn on a very long necklace so that the ball itself rests on the belly of the pregnant woman. It is believed that the unborn baby is soothed by the soft chimes that they can hear from about 16-20 weeks into the pregnancy.

Additional soothing benefits come after the baby is born. Once baby arrives, mom can put the ball on a shorter necklace around her neck. Then during feedings or while rocking, the chime sounds and baby again hears that familiar calming sound and remembers the warmth and comfort of the womb.

In Balinese culture the harmony ball is a beautiful keepsake, it is passed on from mother to child.

- Swarovski crystals

- Rhodium plated

- Fitted on an adjustable gold-plated silver 925

- 100% nickel-free Mexican bola

- Delivered in a small black box, perfect for offering