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$ 4.20

CJs BUTTer is our best selling diaper cream. It is cloth diaper safe and extremely versatile as a skin care cream on adults and children. CJs BUTTer can be used to help eczema, rashes, dry and chapped skin, rug buns, mechanic's hands and cuticles, hang nails, or rub a small amount on your hands and use as a leave-in conditioner for your curls.

Additionally, CJs BUTTer can be used for for black/mixed hair!! Leaves hair soft, shiny and helps alleviate those owies when trying to separate locks! You can also melt a dollop under running bath water for a relaxing, soothing, and anti-inflammatory soak provides relief for post-partum soreness and hemorrhoids! It provides protection against windburned cheeks/face and helps to relieve windburn! It promotes healing and provides a non-stick barrier when used after a circumcision.

Still not sure? Give this sample a try, we are sure you'll love it!

We recommend unscented for sensitive skin.

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