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BabyKicks Hemp Premium Inserts

BabyKicks Hemp Premium Inserts
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BabyKicks Hemparoo® Joey-Bunz Premium Pouch riders for your Pocket Diapers! Now you can enjoy the trim, absorbent and easy to use Joey-Bunz with 4 layers of our most luxuriously soft 55% hemp / 45% cotton fleece! These are only 1/8 of an inch thick, and re-engineered to allow for even faster drying. 
Even better yet, you can fold our Premium Joey-Bunz in order to have protection where you need it most. If you are a fan of our trusted Hemp Jersey Joey-Bunz you will love our new premium version! 
Dimensions are as follows:
17 long, 6 at the widest part of hourglass shape and 4 at the center

Please note a) these are pre-washed measurements and you can expect some shrinking and b) dimensions may vary slightly since all our products are sewn individually. 

Edge serging may be done in green or ivory.

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