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bumGenius Stay Dry Liners - 12 pack

bumGenius Stay Dry Liners - 12 pack
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Buy bumGenius stay dry liners to help wick away moisture when using prefolds or fitteds. Natural fibers can be great, but at times they can keep moisture next to baby's skin. If this worries you adding a thin stay-dry liner to your prefolds or your favorite fitteds can help keep moisture away from baby's skin.

Who chooses bumGenius stay dry liners?

If you are one of the many who choose prefolds for newborns because you're changing diapers so often, then adding a liner can be beneficial in keeping moisture wicked away.


When you buy bumGenius stay dry liners at MMB, know that they come in a 2 packs of six.

Note: Cotton Babies Products may not be shipped to Canada, Europe, Australia, or New Zealand.

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