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flip Diaper Cover | Snap
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Join many other satisfied cloth diapering families and buy the FLIP cloth diaper cover system! The FLIP one size diaper covers were designed with similar same shape and sizing like the much loved bumGenius 4.0 pocket diaper. They even have the patented stretchy butterfly closures to give your little one the best fit! 

Which Closure is Right for me?

The FLIP covers are available with snap or hook and loop (H/L) closure.

  • Snap closures are more durable. They are great for toddlers because they are more difficult to remove than a hook and loop closure.
  • Hook and loop closures take a bit more maintenance. They must be affixed to their laundry tabs before washing, and they occasionally need to be cleaned out with a baby comb to remove lint and "resticky" them. However H/L closures are highly recommended to get the perfect fit on newborn babies and also for beginning or hesitant cloth diapering parents, family and care givers that need a simple closure that is easy for those used to using a disposable diaper.
  • Cotton Babies makes an inexpensive refresh kit for the hook/loop closures. Buy them here.

FLIP one-size diaper covers may also be purchased in an Organic Day Pack or Stay Dry Day Pack.

Note: Cotton Babies Products may not be shipped to Canada, Europe, Australia, or New Zealand.

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