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The Lil Joeys are a preemie/newborn diaper designed to fit from 4-12 lbs. The Lil Joeys take special care with a snap down front for sensitive cord care during those first precious days.  The Lil Joeys are an all in one design (AIO), which are the simplest of cloth diaper systems on the market for a newborn baby.  The internal soaker is 4 layers of thirsty microfiber that have been permanently sewn into the core of the diaper. No stuffing required. Note that because the inner layers are sewn in, these types of diapers will take a bit longer to dry.
Because Lil Joeys are an all in one design, they are waterproof and do no require additional doublers/liners or a cover.  Once your baby is ready for the next stage in diapers, The Rump-a-rooz® (Rumparooz) One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper will take your baby all the way through potty training with one diaper that has 4 size settings.  No need to buy multiple sizes as your baby grows. The dual inner gussets can also be found on the Rumparooz One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper.

The Lil Joeys make a great addition to any newborn stash. The Lil Joey will fit your preemie or multiples starting at 4 lbs. Although the Rumparooz One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper will fit a newborn at 6 lbs, other one size diaper brands do not start fitting until closer to 10-12 lbs. The Lil Joey will fill the diaper gap so that your precious newborn does not have to spend one day in a disposable diaper with chemicals against their precious porcelain skin.  Don't sacrifice that tiny little rump, not even for one day!

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