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Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty | Glow in the Dark
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in Crazy Aaron's Silly Putty

$ 3.00

Glow in the Dark Thinking Putty is hypnotic and irresistible!

Milky white in daylight, their glow magically appears when the lights dim. In the dark, you can use our Blacklight Keychain to write messages on the putty and draw special designs. You can even do cool tricks with Glow in the Dark Thinking Putty. After exposure to light (the brighter, the better), these colors will glow for hours.

Made in the USA.


You'll swear you can see the electrons buzzing around -- generating this icy blue glow. An extraterrestial turquoise glows all night long. Dim the lights, zone out, and enjoy a soothing, hypnotic experience.

Krypton Thinking Putty DEFINES eerie, outer-space, alien, radioactive green! Charge with sunlight or our Blacklight Keychain for fantastic brightness! Wakeup before sunrise to see it glowing hours later!

Shimmery white leads to rivers of iridescent purple, pink, and turquoise in Northern Lights Thinking Putty.

Glowing purple like the night sky before dawn, this unique color is sure to catch the eye. Charge it up, darken the lights and enjoy Aura's violet hue for an hour or two

Ectoplasm is a paranormal green that glows a speckled green in the dark. Translucent and eerie in daylight, it makes a perfect Trick OR Treat!

Inspired by ghost stories and campfire tales, Mostly Ghostly glows in the dark a spooky white glow that shifts in hue as it fades.

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