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Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty | Electric Colors

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Colors gone electric will dazzle you with their iridescent sparkle!

These colors stand out in a way that regular putty does not. Stretch, twist, and tear these Electric Thinking Putty colors and watch their colors shine.

Made in the USA

Neon Flash

Known for its radiant red-orange hue, neon is actually a colorless noble gas that needs to be charged by electricity to turn into its signature shade.

Ignite some bright ideas with Neon Flash Thinking Putty®. Exceptionally brilliant and inspiring, it’s just the thing to spark a flash of genius.

Electric Ruby

A red variety of the mineral corundum, ruby is technically a form of sapphire that is known for symbolizing the heart, safety, and protection.

Ease your mind with Electric Ruby Thinking Putty®. It shimmers with a beautiful sheen that's lovely and inspiring—just like the rare stone for which it's named.



Although most people associate the color teal with the peacock, this shade is actually named after the signature blue-green streak in the otherwise brown coat of the Eurasian teal.

So whether you love to be the center of attention or you're a wallflower with a wild streak, this beautiful blue Thinking Putty® is a perfect choice.

Electric Green

Inspired by the unique beauty and strength of succulents, Electric Green Thinking Putty® is a great way to help your ideas bloom.

This cool putty shimmers with a marbleized, bright green hue that’s dynamic and uplifting. Grab a handful of this invigorating color whenever you need some fresh perspective.


  • Crazy Aaron's Electric Thinking Putty
  • Psychedelic bright orange with swirls of neon purple
  • Pocket-sized 5cm tin - 13g of mesmerising putty
  • Age: not for children under 3, contains small parts
  • Recommended for ages 3 to 103


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