Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty | Liquid Glass ~ Lily Pond 4" Tin

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Liquid Glass is so unique, so different, and so fun that it has a whole category unto itself! A true wonder, this liquid-solid Thinking Putty will flow completely into a puddle on its own. It's clear in the tin, cloudy when played with, and offers a window into your own creativity.

Just like its name implies, Liquid Glass Thinking Putty is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. This crystal-clear creation is so transparent that the tin often appears empty to the naked eye.

Create beautiful purple shapes on the wall that look like the reflections of a lily pond.  Hold the putty a few inches away from the wall and shine a flashlight through it.

Liquid Glass flows and moves differently than other Thinking Putty because of its unique formulation and will turn cloudy when handled. Put it back in the tin, close the lid, and it will be back to crystal clear in no time. 

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