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Paint 3 Dino Squishies Kit - 3 Pack

  • 🦖 PAINT 3 OF YOUR OWN DINO SQUIHSIES: Are you a dinosaur fan? Then what could be more fun than painting your own dino squishies to play and squeeze? Make a Diplodocus, Styracosaurus, and Stegosaurus! Feel free to play around with the colors! Keep them for yourself or give it as a gift... while you learn fascinating dinosaur facts in the process.

    SUPER-SQUISHY SLOW-RISING MATERIAL: The dinos are made from premium materials to ensure a feel-good squeeze and extra slow-rising properties

    🎨 DURABLE FABRIC-PAINT: Includes innovative fabric paint to ensure the color catches well onto the squishes and does not rub off.

    🔧 KIT INCLUDES: 3 blank dino squishies (~6" long), 5 paint tubes, 2 paintbrushes, paint palette, instruction guide.

    🎁 A FUN AND EDUCATIONAL GIFT FOR ALL AGES: Great set for individual play or as a group activity. It fosters a love for science and paleontology in a fun and exciting way.