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Disana Merino Wool Cloth Diaper Cover
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Disana wool diaper covers are a tried and true cloth diapering classic. Disana has been making these covers from organic merino wool for over 30 years.
Made of especially fine, soft merino wool, these cloth diaper covers are suitable even for very small children. Their high knitted waistband not only stops leaks, it keeps baby’s tummy lovely and warm. The cloth diaper cover absorbs excess urine moisture, which binds with the lanolin – the natural wax on wool fibers – and is neutralized.  If the diaper cover have gotten a little damp, it is enough to leave it to dry out in the fresh air. Thanks to the natural self-cleaning function of the wool fibres, the pants are left hygienically clean. 
When all the lanoline in the cover is used up, or if the pants have been cleaned, lanoline must be added again. Lanolizing your covers is a very simple process. The woollen overpants then stop leaks again for several days or weeks.

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