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Eco Sprout | Sample

Eco Sprout | Sample
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in Eco Sprouts Laundry Detergent

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A clean that you can trust! Eco Sprout detergent is an environmentally friendly, all natural detergent that's great for your cloth diapers and entire family!
Eco Sprout diaper detergent is an eco-friendly, all natural detergent that's great for your entire family, and SAFE for cloth diapers & sensitive skin. It will clean and disinfect your diapers while rinsing clean. No more battling with eye-watering ammonia smells, as Eco Sprout Soap dramatically helps neutralize the odor.
The scent found in Eco Sprout is for you to enjoy while you wash cloth diapers as well as freshen your washing machine AND make your laundry room smell nice. The scent in this diaper detergent It is designed to safely wash out of your cloth diapers and leave nothing behind but a clean fresh scent.

In the Buff - Designed for the most sensitive of skin. It leaves nothing behind but the refreshing scent of pure clean.

Green Tea - Green tea leaves are known for their healing and relaxing effect.  So even while doing your laundry, you can enjoy the wonderful clean, crisp, citrusy and rejuvenating scent of green tea.


Lavender Chamomile - A calming blend of true Lavender infused with chamomile.


Fresh Linen - Crisp and clean, reminiscent of linen sheets drying in the sun, with refreshing, light hints of apple, kiwi and violets.

Sandalwood Vanilla - A powdery soft and sensual fragrance that blends the warm, woody essence of sandalwood with creamy vanilla. It might just make you want to do laundry every day!

Eco Sprout detergent is safe for all water types and is designed to work with both HE and conventional machines.

Eco Sprout diaper detergent is free from dyes, brighteners, enzymes, phosphates, & is SLS free. It is also 100% natural and biodegradable.

Ingredients: Sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate, sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate, water softeners, natural & biodegradable surfactants. (Essential oils in scented formulas)

Sample bag will do 4/8 loads.

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