FizzWizz All-Natural Baby Bottle & Sippy Cup Cleaning Tablets

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Comes in a small package – Fits perfect in Purse or Diaper Bag! Use at home or when you are on the go, on an airplane, on a boat cruise, hotels, road trips, at the mall, restaurant.

Instructions for use:

• Empty the bottle or container of any excess liquid & add approximately 2 oz of water
• Drop in one FizzWizz Tablet, close the container and shake
• Dump out all the liquid and rinse again with water
• Wipe down the inside and outside of the bottle with a FizzWizz wipe

TIP – If you’ve got a particularly dirty bottle or sippy cup you are thinking of tossing. Try adding two tablets into the bottle and fill with water. Leave it overnight, shake and rinse. You’ll be amazed at the results.

FizzWizz Tabs are 100% safe, natural and nontoxic, so use liberally and confidently!

• Each Pack Contains 30 Tablets • Cleans 30 Bottles/Sippy Cups
• 100% premium lab tested, all-natural, plant based ingredients
• Free of SLS, SLES, Parabens & Formaldehyde
• Specifically designed to target milk, juices, saliva and germs
• Provides a quick brushless cleaning in a tablet
• Each Pack Contains 30 Tablets • Cleans 30 Bottles/Sippy Cups
• Made in the USA

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