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Cond. Bar- Kiss Me Argan (New Packaging).

Kiss Me Argan Shampoo Bar - For Dry, Frizzy Hair Using the powers of Argan Oil,

Kiss Me Argan Conditioner Bar - For Dry and Frizzy Hair Our Kiss Me Argan Conditioner Bar is perfect for dry and frizzy hair. Argan Oil smooths frizzy hair and adds shine, and Vitamin E nourishes, revitalizes and repairs dry scalp and hair. Best used with our Kiss Me Argan Shampoo Bar.

• 100% plastic free

• Vitamin E helps treat and repair hair, while Argan oil provides natural shine and smoothness

• ph Optimized for gentle yet effective cleansing

• Contains no mineral oils, parabens, PEG, silicones, soap, lillal and no animal testing ever.