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Geffen Jersey Prefold Cloth Diaper

Geffen Jersey Prefold Cloth Diaper
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$ 6.69
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4 layers of ultra soft combed hemp/organic cotton that’s gentle against your baby’s skin and wears in to absorb more efficiently.  60% Hemp 40% organic cotton. Made in the USA. 

Extra Small (orange trim)  0-3 months  12”x13.5”  
Small (green trim) 1-6 months 14”x16.5”
Medium/Large (lavender trim) 6-12+ months 16”x18.5” 

General Product information

  • You can expect hemp to shrink 10-15% – each item may shrink slightly differently
  • Hemp may gain absorbency through up to 8-10 washes
  • Hemp products are 60% hemp/40% organic cotton
  • Our hemp products do not contain any synthetic material, so they will not have a stay-dry wicking effect like polyester fleece
  • Hemp can absorb many times its weight in liquid before feeling damp to the touch, making it a great choice to use right against skin

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