Haba Dancing Eggs Game

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  • One of HABA's most popular games, this is a winner of the Major Fun! Keeper! Award and the National Parenting Publications NAPPA Honors Award! Made in Germany.
  • Aim of the game: To pinch the most eggs and collect lots of points. Look out for the precious wooden egg. It scores 2 points at the end while the bouncing eggs only score one point.
  • Roll the red action die to determine your next move. Be ready to grab the die, run around the table or shout "cock-a-doodle-doo!" When you get an egg, you'll also need to roll the egg die.
  • The symbol on the egg die shows where to place it, underneath the chin, under an armpit, between the knees etc. When a player lets an egg drop, the game ends and you count up the points.
  • Game includes 9 rubber eggs, 1 wooden egg, an action die, and an egg placement die. Recommended for 2-4 players from ages 5 and up.

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