Haba Kullerbü – Greta’s ball-convertible

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The Haba Kullerbu Ball-Convertibles are whimsical and interactive toy vehicles designed to transport your child into a world of imaginative play. These dynamic and vibrant toys are a part of the Haba Kullerbu collection, known for its high-quality and child-friendly design.


  1. Convertible Design: The Haba Kullerbu Ball-Convertibles are unique, as they feature a convertible design. They can be easily transformed from traditional car-like vehicles into balls by flipping the top section, allowing for two modes of play in one toy.

  2. Bright and Colorful: These toy convertibles come in a range of eye-catching colors and designs, appealing to a child's sense of wonder and excitement. The vibrant hues and friendly faces on the vehicles enhance their visual appeal.

  3. Kid-Friendly: Haba is known for its commitment to child safety, and the Kullerbu Ball-Convertibles are no exception. They are made from high-quality, child-safe materials, ensuring a durable and safe playtime experience.

  4. Open-Ended Play: The design of the Ball-Convertibles encourages open-ended play, allowing children to explore their creativity and problem-solving skills. Kids can roll them as cars, transform them into balls, and use them in various imaginative scenarios, making playtime exciting and dynamic.

  5. Compatible with Kullerbu Play System: The Ball-Convertibles are part of the larger Haba Kullerbu play system, which includes a variety of track pieces and accessories. This system allows kids to build and customize their own track layouts for the convertibles to zoom around, enhancing fine motor skills and spatial awareness.

  6. Motor Skills Development: Playing with the Ball-Convertibles promotes the development of fine and gross motor skills, as children manipulate and maneuver the vehicles on the floor or tracks.

  7. Suitable for Toddlers and Young Children: The Kullerbu Ball-Convertibles are designed with younger children in mind, typically recommended for ages 2 and up, making them an excellent choice for preschoolers and toddlers.

These charming and adaptable Haba Kullerbu Ball-Convertibles are more than just toys; they're gateways to a world of creativity, exploration, and skill development. They provide an exciting and educational playtime experience that can keep your child entertained for hours while fostering their imagination and motor skills.

Product Details

Width: 5.7 cm
Length: 9 cm
Age from: 2 years
Age to: 8 years
Material: plastic
Product weight: 60 g
Design by: Ines Frömelt
Jan Schenkel
Anna Lena Räckers