Haba Little Friends Happy-Hour Horse Riding Stable

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Age: 3 Years and Up

Only the most contented horses live at the Happy Horse Riding Stable, because it has everything a rider and his or her mount could wish for: stables with a constant supply of fresh hay and delicious fruit, a dressage circuit and excellent facilities for grooming and cleaning. Horse and rider are really well catered for.

Contents: 1 riding stable tableau, 1 horse (Tara), 1 foal (Abby), 5 fence panels, 1 obstacle, 1 feeding trough, 4 carrots, 2 grain sacks, 2 bales of straw, 2 hay bales, 1 wheelbarrow, 1 hay rack, 1 broom, 1 bucket, 1 shovel, 1 hay fork.

Materials: plywood (lime), ABS, steel, beech, polyester, PVC.

Dimensions: L 19 ½“ x W 8“ x H 12“.