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Hape's ScootAround is a four-wheeled scooter perfectly-sized for your little one's speedy escapades. The bright green colors add a splash of character to this scooter while also highlighting the rubberized wheels which won't mark up floors when your youngster goes for a spin.

Best of all, Hape's Scoot-Around is a sure way to get kids moving around, having fun, and building strength!

The Scoot-Around is built according to the high-quality specifications of Hape Toys, with FSC-certified wood and child-safe finishings adding to the overall durability of this zippy ride.

For ages twelve months and up.


Category Push and Pull
Main Materials Wood, Metal, PP, EVA, ABS, Water based paint
Pieces 1
UPC 6943478006997
Product size L: 18.11, W: 3.94, H: 14.17 inch
Product weight 1.17 lbs
Package size L: 20.47, W: 12.83, H: 15.08 inch
Package weight 1.00 lbs


Item # E0101