Jaq Jaq Bird | Doodle It and Go Erasable Book

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What could be better than reading a story??  Your child creating their own, again and again...

Inspired by Grace's daughter who would repeatedly waste paper by creating stories in her notebook, then crumbling up the pages, only to start a new story all over again, Grace invented the original, reusable Doodle Now & Go Book. Revolutionary, and patent-pending, our 8 page Doodle Now &Go Book provides an endless landscape for your child's creative energy. It's great for home, travel, dining out, and just about anywhere your child has idle time.  It comes with our exclusive patented Zero Dust™ ButterStix™ (4 pcs).  So not only will you save paper, but cleaning afterwards is a breeze. A match made in heaven. 

Warning: Add a 12-pcs ButterStix™ now, because once the 4-pcs run out, you may have an artist in waiting!  Age 3 & up, Size: 8x8 when closed, 8x16 when opened. 

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