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Kokadi ONBU Carrier | Diorite Stars

Kokadi ONBU Carrier | Diorite Stars
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Diorite Stars is 100% Organic Cotton


The kokadi Onbu is an easy, fast to use baby carrier for older babies and toddlers, suitable from late sitting age to running age. The baby carrier takes up very little space when folded, and is designed for carrying the child on the parent’s back. By sitting high on the parent’s back, the carrier gives the child a wonderful view over the parent’s shoulders and keeps the child at the parent’s eye level. If your child likes "up and down,” you can do it with this carrier with ease because it is fast and easy to put on and take off. This carrier is especially popular with people who have sensitive abdomens and mothers wishing to carry while pregnant because it has no waist belt.

The KoKaDi Onbu fits children from about 74cm to 104cm. It is suitable for children up to 20kg. The length of the panel is determined by the size of the child and how the child sits in it. This is also adjustable by the straps on the carrier.



Panel height: 50cm
Panel width: 52 cm

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