Kokadi Woven Wrap | 99 Shiny Stars

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kokadi baby wrap - shiny stars 

Welcome to the glitter and glamor of our 99 Shiny Stars. It’s sweet, unique and incredibly glamorous! Our 99 Stars baby wrap comes with little, wonderful, sparkling stars, in one of our most popular color combinations. This baby wrap is woven with shimmering glitter threads – radiantly beautiful and with a girly sparkle in the sun. It will remind you of scented and dazzling spring air! It’s soft and wonderfully easy to use, perfect for newborn and toddler alike.

The design is beautiful and functional at the same time: the arrangement of the stars on the sling makes it easier to use, especially for beginning wrappers hoping to achieve the best wrapping result. Previously stripes have been used for ease of wrapping, which we’ve now replaced with fashionable and magical stars! The stars allow you to see if you’ve tightened everything correctly while you’re wrapping. The regular arrangement of smaller stars looks like a “wave”.

release: 20.02.2016 8.30 pm CET+1
color: pink/light blue
weight: 250g/m2
weaving: Jacquard
material: 1% nylon 1% polyester 98% organic cotton

please wash before first use!

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