La Petite Creme | Diaper Care Cleanser + Lotion 20 oz. refill

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Want to enjoy the benefits of French diapering in the comfort of your home? Watch the TUTORIAL.

This large bottle of La Petite Creme is equipped with a convenient ONE HAND dispensing pump.

French diapering has never been so easy!

With 6 natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals, La Petite Creme is a cleanser, a protective balm and a diaper rash soother all-in-one. 

BONUS: With its vibrant gender neutral yellow color, La Petite Creme fits in every nursery decor!

This 20 oz refill bottle usually lasts up to 2-3 months.


La Petite Creme is made with:
  • Olive Oil
  • Water
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Beeswax
  • Vitamin E
  • Limestone



How does it work with poop?

La Petite Creme - Poopy diaper

It works the same for pee and poop. You would be surprised how well oil can trap poop (especially if it has dried overnight). 

Simply apply the desired amount of lotion on a cotton pad or a washcloth and wipe your little's one bum with it until clean. 

The residue of lotion that are remaining on the skin will protect against direct exposure with the next pee or poop.

Do I need to clean first with water or a baby wipe and THEN apply the lotion?  

No. The lotion is a cleanser AND a protective lotion 2-in-1. It is made a natural disinfectant, a natural healing ingredient and a natural moisturizer. Your baby's skin will be clean and disinfected without the risks of toxic chemicals. 

Is it safe to use with Cloth Diapers? 

Yes! La Petite Creme is designed to be use with either Cloth or Disposable diapers. 

No leaking! No staining! No need to change your wash routine. 

Is it safe to on preemies and newborns? 

Yes! La Petite Creme is made with the most gentle of ingredients that are suitable for babies of all ages.



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