Latika Body Essentials - Lavender Bath Gift Set

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When you’re ready to kick off your heels and enjoy some me-time, do so with the bath bomb, natural soap, and hand-and-body lotion collected in this Latika set!

Handmade in Austin, Texas, this lavender scented trio blends lavender, clary sage and eucalyptus notes that bring bliss to your bath-time. What’s more, they’re all gluten free, paraben free, and certified cruelty free by PETA!

A pleasantly crisp and calming aroma. And a favorite for all our lovely Lavender girls out there 🙂

WEIGHT 24 oz

One of each: 4 oz. Creme, Bar soap, Bath bomb (2.5" / 5 oz.)


The products are placed in a cream colored gift bag and tied with a matching ribbon.

Bath bomb is shrink wrapped


Latika’s Lavender is a fresh herbal blend of Lavender, Clary sage and Eucalyptus. A pleasantly crisp and calming aroma. A favorite for all our lovely Lavender girls out there