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Naturally Luxe WOW Organic Liquid Wool Wash

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This product is for customers that really prefer the ease of a liquid wool wash. It is made with 50% PURE organic lanolin! This is VERY concentrated. You only need a couple tsp per basin to wash and lanolize your wool cloth diaper covers. Now we say that is WOW soap!!

Even though this is NOT a full lanolization process, it will lengthen greatly the time between lanolizations. Sometimes, depending on the item, it will eliminate the need for additional lanolizing.

This liquid soap is made by hand using a 3 day long process of cooking. It does occasionally vary in consistency due to weather and such. Making it the old fashioned way allows us to control what is in it and allows it to retain it's natural glycerin unlike other wool washes. If you are bothered by detergents in other products then you should give this a try. All natural and biodegradable.

**Always test the wool item to see if it is colorfast before use**

Available in 4 oz. and 8 oz. bottles. For fragrance descriptions please click here.

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