Leebrick - Cotton Candy Bubble Bath Salt

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Make your bath sweeter with our Cotton Candy Bubble Bath Salt! Let this sweet formula whisk you back to your early memories of the town carnival all from the comfort of your home. With benefits like our Pink Himalayan Salt, anyone can have skin as soft as cotton candy.

  • One 8 oz Bottle (10 oz product weight)
  • Softens skin
  • Turns water a beautiful color
  • Muscle relaxing spa experience
  • Scent stays on skin
  • Skin-loving ingredients – No preservative
  1. Sprinkle the desired amount under warm running water while filling the tub. (3-4uses per container) 
  2. Relax & Enjoy! 

Sea Salt, Epsom salt, dead sea salt, dendritic salt, Fragrance. FDA Approved Dye.