Lego | Harry Potter ~ Hogwarts™ Clock Tower

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• Includes 8 new-for-June-2019 Harry Potter™ minifigures: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley™, Hermione Granger™, Fleur Delacour, Cedric Diggory, Viktor Krum, Albus Dumbledore™ and Madame Maxime. 
• All figures come with wands and their Yule Ball costumes. 
• This LEGO® Harry Potter™ toy playset features the 3-level Hogwarts™ Clock Tower, Entrance Hall, Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, Hospital Wing, Prefects' Bathroom, Dumbledore's Office and a section of icy decorations for the Yule Ball. 
• Features a clock-changing mechanism for kids to create Time-Turner time travel adventures, and a ‘dance’ function to get the Yule Ball really moving! 
• The Entrance Hall includes a chest and the Goblet of Fire. 
• The Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom includes a table, chair, potions, glass case, book, desk with inkpot with a quill, buildable lamp and a blackboard. 
• The Hospital Wing includes 2 beds and 2 buildable lamps. 
• The Prefects' Bathroom features a mermaid stained-glass window. 
• Dumbledore’s Office includes a chair and desk with inkpot and quill, the Pensieve and the sword of Gryffindor. 
• The Yule Ball scene includes 2 icy tables with 2 glasses, buildable icy sculpture and a Christmas Tree. 
• Hogwarts™ Clock Tower measure