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Life Factory Glass Mug With Cafe Cap & Insulated Sleeve | 12oz
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The NEW 12oz  Glass Mug with Cafe Cap and protective insulating foam sleeve for hot beverages. Our Cafe Collection is designed for maximum enjoyment of coffee and tea on-the-go. Our glass delivers pure taste, full flavor and is healthy for everyday use. For peak flavor, enjoy coffee / tea directly after brewing / steeping; our mugs keep your beverages warm for up to one hour.
The Cafe Collection is crafted in the USA and France. 
Hot beverage friendly Cafe Cap 
o One-hand open/close great for driving 
o Safe sipping well liquid cools before entering mouth 
o Pivoting handle easy carry 
o Spillproof seal safe transport 
o Made in the USA of polypropylene (PP#5) High quality borosilicate glass bottle 
o Taste purity full flavor 
o Healthy core material no leaching or taste residue 
o Thermal shock resistant glass safely handles temperature changes 
o Wide mouth opening – easy to clean, fill, brew, steep 
o Thick sturdy glass – highly durable but not unbreakable 
o Made in France Protective insulating sleeve
o Ample insulation for everyday use
o Protects glass Ð²Ð‚“ added durability 
o Non-slip grip Ð²Ð‚“ fewer drops 
o Cool touch – safe handling 
o Viewing ports – watch brewing, see what’s left, ensure cleanliness 
o Made in the USA All components are… 
o Dishwasher safe (with sleeve on / cap on top rack)
o BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free 
Do not microwave. 

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