Marseille Soap Company - Grape Seed French Soap

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Soap with sweet and tangy scents. Slightly exfoliating. Suitable for all skin types. Grape seed is very rich in essential fatty acids, especially omega-3. It also contains many vitamins and trace elements, which give it the reputation of offering a "peach" complexion to those who adopt it. 125gr / 4.37oz

Shea butter enriched Marseille soaps will moisturize and refresh your skin with a scent delicately perfumed with a pleasant and reassuring note. They offer you the chance to experience the luxury and pure pleasure of using authentic artisan soap, 100% vegetal, natural soaps from Provence, France.

For daily use, or for a soap gift set to family and friends, it will always be remembered. The soap bar colorings are derived from mineral dyes. For the pleasure of the senses and to bring you scents from all over the world, these amazing little soaps are enriched with fragrances created and formulated in collaboration with perfumers from the Grasse Valley, world capital of perfumery.

Marseille soaps are particularly gentle on the skin and on the environment.